Tell us: have you created a DIY climate solution in your US community?

<span>Urban agriculture at Oko Farms in Brooklyn, New York.</span><span>Photograph: Makeda Sandford/The Guardian</span>
Urban agriculture at Oko Farms in Brooklyn, New York.Photograph: Makeda Sandford/The Guardian

The sheer size of tackling the climate crisis can feel overwhelming. When it comes to taking serious action, politicians move at a glacial pace, and the possibility of another Donald Trump presidency could slow things even further.

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But we also know that real change often happens first at the local level – in our own homes, backyards and communities. We want to hear how US readers are creating their own solutions to the climate crisis, particularly readers in the US west and south-west, where issues such as drought, wildfires, extreme heat and air pollution are at their worst.

We’d love to hear about DIY, taking-matters-into-your-own-hands kind of projects – for instance, a rainwater-collection system that takes advantage of storms in a dry area, converting (water-wasting) lawns into native plants, an urban garden that addresses food insecurity and takes on big agriculture, constructing wildfire smoke filters out of old box fans, or other innovative ways of reducing pollution, repurposing waste and mitigating the impact of global heating.

We’d love to hear from a diverse range of people and communities; no project is too small!

One of our reporters will get in touch with you before we publish any details about your project, so please leave contact details.