Current And Former Students — Tell Us The Juicy "Teacher Drama" That Was The Talk Of Your School For Years

Everyone knows that "one teacher" from your school people still talk about years later. Although it seems no one can really pinpoint where the rumor about them started, it didn't stop it from spreading like wildfire and being passed down for many years to come.

Tina Fey portraying a teacher speaking to a student in a classroom scene
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So I want to know: What was the "teacher drama" or gossip from your school that you still remember to this day?

Maybe rumors circulated for years that two teachers were dating, and no one could really confirm or deny it. But there was always that one student who was convinced they saw them making out in a janitor's closet once.

Janine and Gregory from Abbott Elementary walking down a school hallway; a woman in a ribbed top and a man in a shirt and tie

Maybe a teacher was mysteriously fired, leading to tons of speculation as to what happened. In my case, it was a teacher who was allegedly demoted from vice principal to P.E. teacher. Rumors swirled for decades, as you can imagine.

Students seated, one raising hand, teacher pointing at whiteboard in a classroom
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There may even have been talk about a teacher's supposedly scandalous or slightly odd past. I'll never forget my college professor's terrifying tales of his run-ins with the mafia. He was maybe too much of an open book.

Professor lecturing in a university classroom filled with students, with projection screens visible
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Whatever the teacher drama or rumor was in your school, I want to know about it. Tell us about the juicy piece of gossip people spoke about nonstop (and maybe still to do this day) in the comments below. You can also fill out this form if you prefer to remain anonymous. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!