Temporary cameras on M80 and M8 Glasgow caught more than 5,000 motorists speeding

Temporary speed limit of 40mph was enforced until last week.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

More than 5,000 drivers have been caught speeding by temporary cameras installed at the M80 and M8 in Glasgow.

A 40mph speed limit was in place at the M80 southbound leading onto the M8 west, between junctions 14 and 13, to allow Amey to carry out roadworks.

The average speed cameras were operational from April 2 until June 17 and have now been removed, Police Scotland’s Safety Camera Unit confirmed.

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During enforcement, motorists were caught speeding at up to 82mph - more than double the temporary limit.

A total of 5,158 offences were recorded.

A spokesperson commented: “At major roadwork sites the road layout and temporary surfaces can change regularly, so it’s critical that motorists drive at a safe speed. Those most at risk in the event of a collision at these locations are the road workers as they have no protective shield to absorb energy from the impact.

“The TASCAR (temporary average speed camera system) has been shown to increase speed limit compliance and improve driver behaviour at locations where essential work is being undertaken.

“Even the smallest reductions in traffic speeds can deliver major improvements to road safety and the average speed cameras assist in delivering a safer environment for all road users.”

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