Temu order blunder leaves shopper laughing over unexpected 'rude word' on decorations

Temu shopper in stitches after spotting 'rude word' on party decorations
-Credit: (Image: Temu)

When scouting for party supplies on the renowned shopping app, Temu, double-checking the pictures could save you a giggle or two.

Chelsea Edwards, popularly known for her posts @chelseaedwards_13, discovered an amusing blunder after her mum received a £3 order of Hawaiian-themed party decorations. One phrase on the cup stickers, intended for her mother's 50th birthday celebration, proved to be a source of unexpected hilarity.

Sharing a video that amassed over 12,000 likes, she quips: "When your Temu order goes wrong." She further elaborates: "My mum's having a Hawaiian-themed, 50th birthday party. We've got these stickers for the cups."

The stickers jibe with the theme, sporting phrases like "Tiki-Time", "Aloha" and "Hawaii". The fun ensued when one sticker read 'Let's Flaminge', sending them into a fit of laughter due to its phonetic similarity to a slang term for women's private parts.

This comical mishap amused TikTok users as well, who voiced their amusement in the comments section. Some left witticisms like: "I think I've had flaminge before, they make a cream for that sort of thing," and "Those are definitely for all the aunties cups."

One satisfied commenter chimed in with: "Oh, I'd 100% use them." Another remarked: "Let's flamingle would have made more sense."

Temu has become one of the most buzzed-about shopping apps out there, famed for its bargain prices that are giving even the biggest online brands a run for their money. The Chinese-owned digital marketplace soared to global fame through TikTok, where users flaunt their Temu purchases in a series of 'this is what I bought vs this is what I got' style videos.

The app, pronounced "tee-moo", first enticed shoppers with the promise to "shop like a billionaire" during a 30-second advert at this year's Super Bowl, assuring customers that they're getting their products at impossible prices.