Tendring public toilets destroyed by vandals again for the fifth time in one month

The scene of destruction in Walton after vandals caused havoc in public toilets
The scene of destruction in Walton after vandals caused havoc in public toilets -Credit:Tendring District Council

A spate of "mindless acts of vandalism" has left an Essex local council counting the cost of repairs after public toilets were left damaged for the fifth time in just over a month. The latest incidents saw two public toilets targeted in Walton last Wednesday (May 8).

A service room door was damaged and stock was removed at the block in Southcliff Promenade while sink taps were broken and toilet rolls were stolen at the loos in Kino Road. Vandals also smashed toilet cubicle doors into pieces at the West Greensward toilet block in Clacton on the evening of Thursday (May 2).

It comes after facilities in Pier Gap, Clacton, and at the Tennis Court in Lower Marine Parade, Dovercourt, were hit last month. The cost of repairs is understood to be in the thousands of pounds for Tendring District Council with the latest damage estimated to cost more than £500.

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Damage included toilet roll dispensers being broken open, damage to sanitary bins, sinks being blocked, and walls, floors and ceilings being plastered with wet toilet paper. Councillor Peter Kotz, TDC Cabinet Member for Assets, called on residents to report criminal damage or suspicious behaviour.

"These mindless acts of vandalism are deplorable and have once again caused thousands of pounds of damage,” he said. “This latest spate of vandalism is becoming increasing frustrating and taxpayers in Tendring have once again been left counting the cost of repairs and the clear-up operation.

"These attacks demonstrate a lack of respect for facilities that are used by residents and visitors, allowing them to enjoy our town centres and seafronts. I reiterate that we do not want to be spending taxpayers’ money on repairs that could otherwise be spent on maintenance.

"I am calling on residents to support us in keeping our facilities in a good condition by reporting any vandalism they witness or suspicious behaviour at our facilities to contact the police or the council’s anti-social behaviour reporting line."

It is not known whether the individual incidents are linked. Anyone with information about the incidents in Walton can support Essex Police by calling 101 and quoting crime reference SD-8429-24-4242-03.

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