Tenerife Airbnb owner's final message to Jay Slater before he was spotted walking 'kilometre away'

The host of an Airbnb rental property where Jay Slater stayed at before vanishing revealed she saw him less than a mile from the house. The 19-year-old, from Lancashire, has been missing on the Spanish island of Tenerife since last Monday, June 17.

Searches were continuing today, Monday, June 24, to find Jay who disappeared after travelling to the Teno Rural Park area of the island with two men he met at a music festival. Jay had gone to an Airbnb property in the village of Masca with the men before trying to travel back to his accommodation, reports MirrorOnline.

He spoke with his friend Lucy Mae on the phone at around 8am that morning to say he had low battery and was in need of water before he vanished, sparking a search and rescue effort in Tenerife. Jay had also missed his bus but reportedly decided against waiting two hours for another one.

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The owner of the Airbnb, a woman called Ophelia Medina, said she saw the teenager at around 8am standing by a bus stop just outside of the village of Masca. The Airbnb host said he had asked her about buses back to Los Cristianos.

She explained: "I held up my fingers on my hands to say 10am as he didn’t understand me then I went home briefly before driving up the mountain to Buenavista del Norte, but this time I saw him walking on the road out of the village. It was no more than ten or 15 minutes after I had spoken to him and he was about a kilometre from the house. I drove past him and that’s the last I saw him."

Lucy Mae managed to track the men down at their Airbnb before they left, using photo clues from Jay's Snapchat, which revealed his location. She said: “They seemed startled and surprised that I had found them, and I asked them where Jay was.

“They said he had gone out to try and look for cigarettes and then come back and said he was leaving to try and get a bus back into town. They just seemed shocked that I had managed to find them and I know the police have spoken to them but I’ve since found out they have left the country. They need to be spoken to properly.”

Despite there being a main road nearby, questions have surfaced as to why Jay appeared to instead wander into the wilderness. Lucy said: “What I don’t understand is if he did walk down then why wasn’t he seen by anyone? It’s a busy time of day, the place is full of hikers and holidaymakers, he could have asked them for help or stopped somewhere but no one has seen him at all.”