Tenerife police launch 'raids' and make arrests amid rising tension with Brits

Tenerife has launched "raids" amid rising tensions in the Canary Islands between locals and tourists. Tenerife police have launched raids on shops which are selling fake goods, like watches, handbags, clothes and more.

The raids in the Costa Adeje area of Tenerife have seen six people arrested in relation to the confiscation of more than 4,500 counterfeit products. Agents responsible for combating and investigating intellectual property crimes conducted a raid in various establishments in Adeje.

They seized 4,500 fake products from reputable brands such as wristwatches, sports gear, apparel, and accessories. The National Police said in a press release that, in crimes of this nature, the perpetrators seek unfair economic gain at the expense of legitimate businesses and brands, jeopardising the quality assurance of products for consumers.

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The police operations aim to safeguard consumer rights and maintain the integrity of the market. It comes amid rising tensions between holidaymakers and locals across the Canary Islands, with people warning against "overtourism" amid a lower quality of life and lack of affordable housing for residents.

The police operation is an ongoing investigation following numerous complaints filed with the National Police. In April, protests and demonstrations swept the Canary Islands and the Balearics after locals took action and demanded Brits "go home".

“We are not against tourism,” Rosario Correo, one of the protesters, told Spanish station TVE. “We’re asking that they change this model that allows for unlimited growth of tourism.” Holding placards reading "People live here" and "We don’t want to see our island die", campaigners said changes must be made to the tourism industry.

"It’s not a message against the tourist, but against a tourism model that doesn’t benefit this land and needs to be changed," one of the protesters said during the march in Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.