Tension mounts as Boy George accused of copying Kylie Minogue artwork for new single Religion

Tension mounts as Boy George accused of copying Kylie Minogue artwork for new single Religion

Boy George has released a song called Religion - but his own following and inspiration might be fellow singer Kylie Minogue, the internet has suggested.

The singer has admitted to “recycling” after being called out for supposedly copying the artwork the Australian legend used for her album Tension.

Minogue released the album in October and the sleeve was a close up of her green tinted face with a red and yellow blended background. The name of the album and singer are in distinctive black and white joined up type.

And Boy George’s album is… well, pretty much identical.

How this started and how it’s going

Boy George released Religion as a standalone single on Monday and it didn’t take long for the design to be widely shared online.

One Kylie fan tweeted: “I know that every masterpiece has its cheap copy but what the hell is this?”

A follower responded: “It's got to be him paying homage. Nothing more to it. I know we Kylie fans get protective but I like Boy George.”

Another added: “Did Boy George lose a bet with Kylie? Is this some elaborate publicity stunt for a duet album? The plot thickens…”

He said, she said?

Well, the 62-year-old singer has admitted that he did take inspiration from Minogue. An inspiration that was more evident than anything Ed Sheeran was accused of ripping off.

A fan tweeted in his direction to ask whether he had paid tribute to Kylie.

Boy George replied: "I'm recycling everything. It's all the rage. Even fashion is catching on?"

Kylie, meanwhile, has said nothing but is set to be in London this summer as a headliner for the BST Hyde Park festival. She joins her one-time collaborator Robbie Williams on the bill.

It seems unlikely that she will claim damages. Minogue and Boy George are thought to be friends and have even been seen together on nights out.