Terrifier 3 Will Have People Screaming (And Possibly Throwing Up) Even Earlier In Theaters

 David Howard Thornton in Terrifier 3 trailer.
David Howard Thornton in Terrifier 3 trailer.

When 2022’s Terrifier 2 hit theaters, it gained some major attention for causing people to pass out and puke in their popcorn. As horror fans brace themselves for the next appearance of Art the Clown in Terrifier 3, they no longer will have to wait quite as long to experience the gory flick in theaters.

Terrifier 3 was initially set to come out just shy of Halloween, on October 25, but now its release date has been moved up two weeks to October 11, per Variety. The date change will allow audiences to gear up for spooky season earlier in the month, plus the title will no longer share the same release date as Venom: The Last Dance.

Upon the announcement, Terrifier 3 producer Phil Falcone shared his excitement to bring one of October’s upcoming horror movies to theaters at the ample time for audiences to get… well, terrified. He said the movie will “deliver everything the fans expect and more, with Art the Clown taking things to the next level.” So yeah, one might want to invest in a barf bag before embarking on this theatrical experience.

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Art the Clown in Terrifier 2
Art the Clown in Terrifier 2

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The Terrifier movies follow the violent rampages of one Art the Clown (played by David Howard Thornton). The now iconic evil clown who makes appearances on Halloween to torture others. He particularly enjoys a good mutilation and even possesses supernatural abilities to aid him in his disturbing acts. Along with Art looking like a clown from the silent film era, he does not speak. One especially unsettling aspect of the character is when he silently laughs as he brings pain on others.

There's also the disturbing element where he smears his own feces on bathroom walls. It's no wonder people are throwing up at these films! In the case of Terrifier 3, Art The Clown will bring his usual chaos to unlucky people who end up in his path on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is surely going to be shaking in his boots.

When Terrifier 3 finished production just a few weeks ago, its writer/director Damien Leone shared that making the movie was “easily the most challenging film” of his career, along with echoing warnings that its taking the franchise’s “level of horror madness” to new heights. While filming the sequel, Leone previously shared that he shot “one of the most insanely horrific scenes." It led to someone on set not being able to handle it, and perhaps vomiting themselves amidst all the blood and guts on set. He also teased that the behind-the-scenes footage was “hilarious.”

Prior to Terrifier 3 coming to theaters this fall, the first two Terrifier movies are among the best horror movies to stream on Peacock now.