The Terrifying Truth Of How Much Your TikTok Habit Is Costing You

When you first download the TikTok app you don’t know the journey you’re about to go on. You thought you’d only use the app for a few minutes a day but now you have a full-blown TikTok addiction.

Waiting for the train? It’s TikTok time. Getting your hair done? Time to go on the clock app. Looking for places to go to dinner? Let’s head to TikTok for some recommendations. On average, UK TikTok users are spending more than 27 hours a month on the platform, according to Uswitch mobiles.

Well, it also turns out all the hours of scrolling on the clock app can cost you.

Watching TikTok videos for 27 hours can rack up to 22.9GB, which equals to 0.84GB per hour.

Maybe you aren’t a big fan of TikTok and prefer using Youtube. The average Brit watches 15 hours of Youtube a month which totals to 6.98GB use of monthly data. Whilst anyone who loves Facebook will use 5.6GB if they use it for 15 hours and 42 which is the average hours of usage a month.

You’ll use 3.1GB if you spend 7 hours a month scrolling on the gram. If you’re a WhatsApp girlie, don’t be alarmed as you’re only using 0.17GB if you use it for 8 hours a month.

However, if you use all five of these you could be draining 38.75GB of data a month. And that’s before you add in general internet scrolling messaging and anything else that requires the internet.

It’s so easy to rack up your data usage so it’s no wonder online searches for “cheaper mobile data” are at the highest level they’ve been for a year, up 67% compared to April 2022.

With average mobile plans prices rising by as much as 17.3% from 1 April UK mobile phone users need to make sure they’re getting a good data deal at a lower price.

How can you reduce your data usage?

Uswitch mobiles expert, Catherine Hiley gives us the low down on how we can reduce our data usage and keep the cost as low as possible:

Using Wi-Fi where possible:

Whether it’s your home connection, your office or public Wi-Fi, try to connect where possible. This is especially important if you know you’ll be using video or streaming platforms, which often require the most data usage.

Be aware that public Wi-Fi is not always secure, so avoid sensitive activities, such as online banking or confidential work, while using an unsecured network. Using a VPN encrypts your traffic, which will protect your data while using a shared unsecured connection.

Adjust your data settings

On both Apple and Android devices, it’s possible to adjust app permissions so that your data isn’t drained by apps you’re not using. It’s also worth turning off cellular data or putting your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using it.

Set a network cap

Most networks will allow you to cap your data allowance once you get close to your limit. Once that is reached, you won’t be able to surf the internet unless you choose to buy more. This will stop you running up an unexpected bill.

Understand your average use

You can check your average data usage on your network’s app or in your phone settings. If you’re regularly in an environment with access to Wi-Fi, choosing a cheaper, lower-data plan may be a smart move.

However, if you’re often using your maximum allowance or going over, opting for an unlimited data plan may work out more cost-effective long-term.