Tesco branch introduces new security tag measurement to tackle shoplifting

Security tags attached to the bottom of a shopping baskets in Theydon Bois
Security tags attached to the bottom of a shopping baskets in Theydon Bois. -Credit:SWNS

Tesco has initiated a new security measure by tagging shopping baskets in an effort to tackle shoplifting in one of its branches. Staff at the supermarket chain in Essex attribute this move to an uptick in thefts locally.

Shoppers in its Theydon Bois store noticed security tags attached to shopping baskets which the branch says are intended to remind customers to return their basket before exiting the premises.

In a statement to the Mirror, a spokesperson for Tesco said it's not a company-wide policy but rather a decision made by the local store management.

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Previously, Tesco had employed similar tactics; last year, the Hockley branch also introduced security tags on baskets. A representative for Tesco mentioned that "some stores may deploy security measures on a local basis" if deemed necessary.

The strategy has left some customers puzzled over its effectiveness.

One shopper, James Beach, aged 45, expressed his bemusement: "I couldn't believe it when I saw they had stuck tags on shopping baskets - I mean, what are you going to do with one of them? Is there nothing these people won't nick?"

A Tesco branch in Bristol has implemented a stringent new security measure to combat shoplifting and ensure the safety of its staff.

Shoppers at this particular store are now required to wait outside while employees review security footage; once deemed non-threatening, they are permitted entry.

This policy is enforced during early morning hours (6am-9am) and in the evening when there are no security personnel on site. Additionally, baskets have been removed from the entrance to prevent theft.

Despite this, Tesco said that all Express branches had remote-control door access systems installed several years ago. These systems can be activated whenever an employee feels threatened or during their working hours.

It's important to note that this measure isn't nationwide, and each individual store has the autonomy to implement security measures as they see fit. Consequently, other stores may adopt similar policies - such as customer vetting and basket tagging - if they deem it necessary.

The British Retail Consortium has reported that thefts cost retailers approximately £1.8 billion in 2022-23, a significant increase from the £953 million recorded the previous year.