New Tesco Clubcard rules for three million shoppers start on Monday

Millions of Tesco shoppers can earn EXTRA Clubcard points worth up to £100 within day. Three million will be invited to take part in its "Clubcard Challenges" game, running between May 20 and July 1, in a major Cost of Living boost.

The points can be spent at Tesco, or exchanged with Tesco's reward partners for twice the value - meaning customers could get a voucher of up to £100. The new Clubcard Challenges initiative will launch on Monday and last for six weeks.

If members take part, they will be sent 20 challenges, which have been personalised just for them. There will be 20 offers available, customers can choose which 10 they would like to complete.

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Lizzie Reynolds, Group Membership and Loyalty Director at Tesco said: “We are constantly looking for ways to make Clubcard work harder for our customers. With Clubcard Prices on around 8,000 products, it is saving customers up to £360 off the annual cost of their groceries.

"Personalisation is about using what we know about customers to make their experience better and our rewards more helpful and we’re very excited to see how our customers respond to Clubcard Challenges.” Ashwin Prasad, Tesco Chief Commercial Officer, said: “With millions of vouchers expiring at the end of this month, we are urging everyone to make the most of their Clubcard this May and check to see if any vouchers or reward codes are expiring.”

Tesco is running a trial of Clubcard Challenges scheme later this month and around 3m Clubcard customers expected to be invited to take part. For eligible shoppers, a banner will also appear on the Tesco app until 20 May, informing shoppers they can take part in the Challenges scheme.

Challenges can range from "spend £20 on our Summer BBQ range over the next 6 weeks" to "spend £10 on plant-based meals", Tesco has confirmed.