Tesco defends removing cheap bread from 'affluent' Nottinghamshire store and explains why

General exterior view on wet and grey day of Tesco Express in old Georgian-style former pub building in Radcliffe-on-Trent with five cars parked in front
The only own-brand wholemeal bread now sold in Radcliffe's Tesco is Tesco's Finest -Credit:Nottingham Post

Tesco has defended its decision to remove cheaper loaves of bread from the shelves of its Express store in Radcliffe-on-Trent. The store on Main Road, which used to be the Black Lion pub, now no longer sells its cheap or standard ranges of wholemeal bread.

Instead, the least expensive own-brand wholemeal loaf customers can buy is Tesco's Finest Wholemeal Loaf at £1.55. A spokesperson for the company said that it uses its "expert knowledge of local customers’ shopping habits" to choose which bread to stock in smaller Express stores where they can only stock a certain amount.

But some customers disagree with the move. Radcliffe resident Lisa Cheston says she usually buys Warburtons because she doesn't like the cheaper bread, but still thinks the move is unfair on those who do want the cheaper version.

She said: "I think they should bring it back. You don't see many of the shops' own brands anymore. But this is Radcliffe, innit. They think everybody's got money. I've got none.

"The thing is I feel the bread and will have a squeeze of it. If it's soft I'll buy the cheaper version but not if it feels like it's been there for over a day. I do buy other cheap stuff all the time. I've called in here because I'm on the way home. I normally shop at Heron Foods in Cotgrave, or Aldi or Lidl."

Bread shelf with variety of lines and brands for sale including Hovis and Warburtons, Tesco Express, Radcliffe-on-Trent
Tesco says it does not have room in smaller Express stores to stock every loaf of bread - but it is not clear what has replaced the cheaper loaves -Credit:Supplied

Andrew Burton, from Lichfield, runs a business in Radcliffe. He primarily uses the shop for milk.

He said: "They must have their reasons. I think it probably is a bit (unfair). It seems a bit strange. Maybe they're making more margin on the other bread. Radcliffe is fairly affluent in parts. They could get away with charging more, I guess. But that's the same as everywhere."

Another customer said she doesn't like Tesco's own brand bread, so always buys Hovis. A fourth said he usually shops for bread at the Co-op, but does opt for own brand when he goes there.

He said: "They're trying to bump the prices up. It is a bit unfair."

The lines that have been removed from the shelves in the Radcliffe store are H W Nevill's Wholemeal Bread 800G, which was 95p, and the Tesco Wholemeal Medium Bread 800g. Both lines are still available at the Carlton store, and Nottinghamshire Live understands that a small version of Tesco's standard Wholemeal bread is available in a smaller 400g loaf from the store for £1.10.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We use our expert knowledge of local customers’ shopping habits to make sure the ranges in each store best meet local tastes and needs, especially in our Express stores where we do not have the shelf space to accommodate all the product ranges available in our larger stores. We have a selection of wholemeal bread available at our Radcliffe-on-Trent Express store.”