Tesco shoppers warned over 'annoying' habit and face being 'confronted' by staff

Tesco workers have broken their silence over how "lazy" customers enrage them with a "very annoying" habit. Anonymous and enraged Tesco workers have taken to Reddit to vent their fury about habits customers do while shopping at the supermarket.

"Customers that leave frozen items on the shelf, when the freezer is right next to them," one fumed. "How lazy do you need to be to just to open the freezer and put the item inside. I found three ice creams which were on the shelf right beside the freezer," they added.

Another said: "Or vice-versa. You could've dumped that pack of biscuits/tin of beans/loaf of bread/random veg absolutely anywhere and it would have been okay to just put back on the shelf. Now it's frozen solid and has to be wasted."

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"i get very annoyed with customers who do that, i really wish we could educate them," another said, adding: "see if people could see the amount of food we have to put in the waste system because of laziness from selfish customers then they would be disgusted.

"customers complain about the price of food going up and yet they don’t seem to realise that they are part of the problem as it costs money to waste products and the business has to recoup the money somehow.

"yes customers can change their minds which is fine but the least they could do is put the product back where they took it from in the first place even if it means going back to the start instead of being selfish and leaving in."

Another fumed: "I actually confronted one of them today , the guy just left two frozen pizzas and the ice cream with the basket on the floor. I asked him why are you leaving on the floor and leaving. He said he is going to lidl because he couldn't find the items he wanted. He said sorry and said he will put everything back after i explained to them if i didn't see those items they have to be wasted."