Tesla Cameras Capture Plane's Emergency Landing at Busy San Marcos Intersection

At least two people were injured following an emergency crash landing of a single-engine plane in San Marcos, California, on Saturday, July 17, local media reported, citing authorities.

Robert Wade captured this multiple-angle video in his Tesla Model 3 while sitting at a red light with his family at a busy intersection between Melrose Drive and Rancho Santa Fe Road.

“We were sitting at a red light for about 20 seconds when I suddenly noticed the airplane heading towards us,” Wade told Storyful.

He said, “We all watched it, but when I saw its landing gears come down I realized what was about to happen. At first I thought it was heading straight towards us. I reacted by driving forward and to the right. I then saw what was happening and I drove through the red light and stopped a little bit ahead.”

The San Marcos Fire Department announced several road closures in response to the incident. Credit: Robert Wade via Storyful

Video transcript