Test your knowledge of the news with our Big Fat Quiz of the Week

NorthWalesLive provides loads of excellent content every week for our loyal readers in the region and beyond. This week there was a lot of discussion on various local issues.

So we thought we would test your knowledge on those local issues, and a few national news stories as well, in our Big Fat Quiz Of The Week.

We've created a series of multiple-choice questions to gauge your true level of news literacy this week. Unfortunately the only thing you get as a prize is the ability to boast about how informed you are.

For instance this week we found out which North Wales town won its battle to get a discount supermarket. Meanwhile just along the road from there a foreign power wanted to make power in North Wales.

Further along that same coast one North Wales town got a new mini pier, which will be perfect for relaxing on after the 20mph debate gets going again. Finally there was talk of new homes for North Wales – 130 of them to be exact – but whereabouts?

All of these, along with some of the national headlines that had us all chin-wagging this week around North Wales, are covered in our exclusive news quiz. Click on the start quiz to begin and tell us in the comments below what you scored.

And if you can't see the quiz click here.