Texas man charged with offering to get charges against George Santos dropped and evidence ‘disappeared’

A Texas man who allegedly told George Santos that he could get evidence against the former congressman “disappeared” for nearly $1 million was arrested on Wednesday and charged with fraud.

Federal prosecutors accuse Hector Medina of telling the former congressman that they could strike a “deal” where Medina could get “evidence that is on you removed, disappeared.”

According to the Justice Department, Medina, who is charged with wire fraud, turned himself in to law enforcement Wednesday morning. The 39-year-old from El Paso will make his first appearance in court later Wednesday and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

“Mr. Medina eagerly anticipates confronting the allegations against him through the formal legal process,” his attorney Joseph Veith said in a statement to CNN.

In July 2023, Medina allegedly sent a video to a person identified in court filings as “Individual-1,” offering his services and later that day followed up in text messages.

Though Individual-1 is not named by prosecutors, he is identified in filings as someone who formerly represented New York’s 3rd Congressional District and is now facing criminal charges. The dates of the individual’s term in Congress and when they were charged also make it clear that the unnamed individual is Santos.

Medina also tried to defraud other famous individuals through similar methods, according to court documents, including someone described by prosecutors as a “publicly known” actor who was convicted of felonies in California in 2023, as well as a musician arrested and a professional athlete around the same time. Those alleged victims aren’t named in filings, either.

According to the filings, Medina told investigators that he searched the internet for people who appeared to be in legal trouble and that he needed money to cover more than $100,000 in gambling debts.

In the July video sent to Santos and described by prosecutors, Medina allegedly tells the congressman: “You don’t know me but, I wanted you to see a face and trust me on what I’m about to tell you.”

“I work with prosecutors and, uh, judges throughout the United States and I want to give you the opportunity to offer my services,” Medina says, according to court documents. “I was contacted by some people to reach out to you and see if you wanted to cut a deal. Uh, this only stands for today. If you’re interested, I can get everything dropped, evidence that is on you removed, disappeared. Reach out to me if you’re interested. It’s simple yes or no.”

Medina also reached out via text, according to prosecutors, saying he “can get all the charges dropped.”

“All I need is for you or someone to wire 900k,” Medina wrote, prosecutors say. Medina also sent a routing and account number, which prosecutors say was his.

“Once this is done I’ll take care of the rest … I’m the real deal don’t let doubt come,” he allegedly wrote.

Medina allegedly continued to send messages to the congressman in the summer of 2023 to offer his supposed services, telling Santos: “I’m really good at what I do. I am a genius. I am a wizard when it comes to things like this.”

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