Thanks, but No Thanks: Sea Lion Rescued From Road Refuses to Go Back in the Water

A baby sea lion found on a busy road outside San Diego on Thanksgiving remains in professional care after refusing to go back in the water when brought to the beach by officers who responded.

The Coronado Police Department (CPD) said on Instagram that the sea lion was seen crossing southbound lanes of SR75 near Leyte Road. Officers were able to get the animal safely into a crate and transport it to the shoreline.

But when offered the chance at freedom, the little guy had other ideas. Police said the sea lion went to the water’s edge, took one look in the ocean, and promptly turned back to the comfort of the crate it had been put in.

Workers from SeaWorld San Diego arrived shortly after and took away the sea lion, which has been named Gobble. Credit: Corona Police Department via Storyful

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