'That's a Blessing': Mom Goes Deep Into Character for Hilarious Cashier Impression

A mom’s hilariously accurate impression of a cashier has garnered tens of millions of views on TikTok, with users cracking up at the realistic character, invented as she played with her daughter.

The Queens mom, who goes by @aubreysanchezx3 on TikTok, introduced her followers to character Rosey, who provides a spot-on portrayal of a rather uninterested grocery cashier.

The character is seen making small talk with her customer, while replying “that’s a blessing” to each answer, and, to her dismay, having to order a “clean-up in aisle 3.”

One TikTok user said the video was “perfectly executed”. Another said, “I’m embarrassed to say how many times I’ve watched this, because I simply keep laughing. You’re hilarious.” Credit: aubreysanchezx3 via Storyful

Video transcript

- Next customer. How are you?

- Good.

- How was your New Year's?

- Good.

- That's a blessing. That's a blessing.


Did you bring in the new year with family?

- Yep.

- That's a blessing. That's a blessing.


Your total is $45. OK, how would you like to pay? Sorry, we don't accept EBT. Do you have cash? Thank you.


OK, your change is $1.02. OK?

- I don't want this.

- You don't want this? OK. Bobby, let me get a ring. OK, ma'am, did you bring a bag?

- Yes.

- Great. I'm going to help you bag it up. All right, ma'am, have a good day. Oh, damn, clean up in aisle 3. Clean up in aisle 3. There's a spill next to the stereos. Clean up in aisle 3.