'The Apprentice' fans left confused after spotting a man lying on the boardroom floor

Amy West

The Apprentice viewers were left scratching their heads when they spotted a man lying on the floor of the boardroom during the BBC show’s most recent episode.

While the seventh instalment was being broadcast on Wednesday 13 November, eagle-eyed fans glimpsed the head of a mysterious figure through the frosted doors as candidate Pamela Laird walked into the lobby - and they have questions.

'The Apprentice' fans couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted a seemingly lifeless man lying on the floor of the boardroom during the BBC show's most recent episode.

“I need answers,” one Twitter user wrote, tagging Lord Alan Sugar’s account directly in an attempt to get them.

Another joked: “Alan Sugar has a dead body hidden in his boardroom. Pass it on.”

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It would seem easy to assume that the unidentified individual was a camera operator or a crew member of sorts, but the way that they were seemingly lying on their back, underneath the table with their face towards the sky baffled many.

Desperate to find a reasonable explanation, a handful of watchers jokingly concluded that it must have been 19-year-old luxury womenswear consultant Ryan-Mark Parsons, exhausted at the prospect of being sent home.

“@ryanmarkparsons WE NEED ANSWERS,” another tweeted. “WHY ARE YOU LYING ON THE FLOOR?”

Another said: “Just us wondering why @ryanmarkparsons is lying on the floor in the boardroom?”

In the episode, candidates were tasked with creating an advertising campaign that would encourage Londoners to visit Finland during the summer months. Half of each team flew out to Helsinki to film a promotional video, while the rest of the groups stayed in the capital to create a digital billboard to display at Piccadilly Circus.

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Later, they had to present the material to leading industry experts, including the Head of Tourism for Finland.

“[Lord Sugar] did not make the right decision,” fired candidate Jemelin Artigas explained in her follow-up VT. “I felt like I did so much and it was overlooked a little bit and he failed to see everything I did because I wasn’t the loudest or an attention seeker. I wasn’t meant to go but then I couldn’t see myself as his business partner at that point.”

The Apprentice continues on Wednesday 20 November at 9pm on BBC One.