The Apprentice: Lord Sugar wowed by winning team's figures

The business magnate couldn't helped but be impressed by the multi-million sponsorship deal achieved by the contestants in a Formula-E sponsorship task.

Baroness Karren Brady, Lord Alan Sugar, and Tim Campbell will return to the boardroom in The Apprentice S18. (BBC)
The winning team in the Formula-E task raised a record breaking sum of money in sponsorship. (BBC)

What did you miss?

Lord Sugar could not help being impressed by the multi-million pound sum achieved by the winning team in the latest episode of The Apprentice.

The 76-year-old business magnate is rarely impressed by the contestants' efforts in the BBC show, but when Team Nexus managed to raise £38.7 million in sponsorship for their Formula-E team he had to admit they had done a good job. The sum set a record for the most money raised in an Apprentice task, smashing the previous record of £1.2 million secured in the Electric Bikes task in series 15.

What, how, and why?

The Apprentice Formual-E car
The Apprentice contestants designed their own Formula-E team and branding. (BBC)

Team Supreme secured £21.5 million, while Nexus managed to raise £38.7 million in sponsorship for their brand focused around clean oceans. On hearing the figures Lord Sugar said: "Wow! Nearly double. Very good. Very well done." Advisor Karren Brady commented: "Impressive this week." Lord Sugar agreed "Yeah"

Brady said later that Lord Sugar was "thrilled" with the record-breaking figure raised by Nexus. She admitted: "He couldn't believe it when he saw the number. He was like, ‘Are you sure? Has someone made a mistake? Can you double check it?’ That figure in sponsorship is a huge amount!”

The Apprentice s18,29-02-2024,5,Back Row (L-R): Tre, Steve, Foluso 
Front Row (L-R): Rachael, Raj, Noor,Team Nexus at task briefing,FreemantleMedia Ltd,N/A
Team Nexus negotiated the winning amount of money. (BBC)

She admitted to losing Team Supreme that the sponsors "didn't like the [other team's] branding, but the ethos carried it through." Project manager Tre gave a rousing speech about the importance of keeping the world's oceans clean that moved many of the potential sponsors and Lord Sugar compared him to eco warrior Swampy.

But viewers were more impressed to learn winning project manager Tre was once a member of garage band Architechs after rival Team Supreme used his track in their advert.

One wrote on social media platform X: "No way Tre from #TheApprentice is from the garage group that made Body Groove?" Another said: "Tre was part of Architechs?? Na he has to win #TheApprentice" And a third exclaimed: "WAIT Tre is from Architects?! As in Body Groove is HIS banger #TheApprentice"

What else happened on Dragons' Den?

The Apprentice Maura, Flo, Paul Front Row (L-R): Virdi, Sam, Phil, Onyeka,Team Supream at task briefing,FreemantleMedia Ltd,N/A
Apprentice contestant Onyeka was scrabbling for words in her pitch. (BBC)

Onyeka Nweze was sent home after a cringe-inducing pitch in which she stumbled over her words and called global warming "one of the current mass events happening now."

Lord Sugar told her in the boardroom “Onyeka, the lack of not explaining the ethos is also a very, very serious thing. You are culpable in as much as the failure is concerned…

"Onyeka, you’re clearly a charming and highly intelligent lady, and I appreciate that you’ve done your best throughout the course of this process, but on this occasion it simply wasn’t enough. So, it is with regret that Onyeka you’re fired.”

The Apprentice starts on Thursday, 1 February at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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