The best UK TV to watch this week from The Crown season 6 to Return to Lockerbie with Lorraine Kelly

Highlights include The Lazarus Project season 2 and the final week of Married at First Sight UK

UK TV this week boasts the likes of The Crown and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+/Sky/Netflix/Disney+/ITV)
UK TV this week boasts the likes of The Crown and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+/Sky/Netflix/Disney+/ITV)

Wondering what to watch? UK TV has a plethora of exciting shows to choose from in the coming week both on terrestrial TV and streaming.

The BBC will launch its annual charity fundraiser Children in Need this week, while Channel 4 and ITV's respective reality series Married at First Sight UK and Big Brother will come to their dramatic conclusions.

Elsewhere, Sky time travel drama The Lazarus Project will return for its second season, while Emma Corrin will star in a new thriller called A Murder at the End of the World for Disney+ while Netflix's The Crown is coming back for its hotly-anticipated final season.

Here is everything you need to know.

Saturday 11 November: The Curse | Paramount+

Emma Stone as Whitney and Nathan Fielder as Asher in The Curse (Paramount+)
Emma Stone as Whitney and Nathan Fielder as Asher in The Curse (Paramount+)

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder play a married couple who are trying for a baby while starring in a HGTV-style show titled Flipanthropy where they help build homes to make their community in Española, New Mexico, thrive.

Things go wrong when a young girl claims to have put a curse on the couple after an act of goodwill only happens for the sake of the cameras.

Sunday 12 November, 9pm: Bill Bailey’s Australian Adventure | Channel 4

Bill Bailey - Bill Bailey's Australian Adventure. (Channel 4)
Bill Bailey - Bill Bailey's Australian Adventure. (Channel 4)

Bill Bailey goes Down Under - but it's not what you think as he won't be appearing on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

Instead, the comedian has filmed his very own Australian Adventure, a four-part travel series.

"If you think you know Australia then think again because there’s an even wilder weirder and more wonderful version and it’s in the west," says Bill.

"There’s so much space here. That means Western Australians have access to nature like nowhere else on earth!"

It starts at 9pm on Channel 4.

This week: Married at First Site final week | E4

Final Dates Pictured: Ella & JJ
Final Dates Pictured: Ella & JJ

Married At First Sight has an explosive week ahead, with it wrapping up the love stories of the stars on Thursday 16 November.

First the couples will decide whether to test their relationship on the outside or split in the final vow renewal at the start of the week.

Then the reunion will be split into two parts. The first will air on Wednesday 15 November at 9pm while the final part of the reunion will air on Thursday 16 November at 9pm.

It is a celebration of love: the couples who are still together, the lessons they have learnt in the experiment and the journeys they have gone on.

The couples too will have time to discuss the breakdown of their romances and where they hope to be more successful in the future.

Tuesday 14 November: A Murder at the End of the World | Disney+

A Murder at the End of the World (FX/Disney+)
A Murder at the End of the World (FX/Disney+)

Emma Corrin and Clive Owen star in this Disney+ drama that focuses on a hacker (Corrin) and her quest to find answers when she's invited to a reclusive billionaire's mansion for a dinner party and one of the guests ends up dead.

Full of mystery and intrigue, the FX series promises to be an intense viewing experience and one that will give Corrin the chance to show a different side of herself.

Tuesday 14 November, 9pm: The Playboy Bunny Murder | ITV1

From Future Studios

Ep1 Monday 13th November 2023 +
Ep2 Tuesday 14th November 2023 
on ITV1 and ITVX

Pictured: Playboy Bunny Eve Stratford who was murdered at her home in Leyton, East London, on 18th March 1975.

A brand new true crime series will see Marcel Theroux investigate a set of disturbing murders of young women that have remained unsolved since the 1970s and reveal a dark and violent side hidden beneath the wealth and glamour of exclusive corners of London’s nightlife at that time.

The journalist and filmmaker’s long-standing interest in the brutal murders, which shocked the London he grew up in, led him to return to the killings of Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who aspired to be a famous model, Lynda Farrow, a croupier with years of experience working in nighttime London, and Lynne Weedon, a schoolgirl whose whole life lay ahead of her.           

This 2x60 series aims to unravel the mystery of the victims’ deaths, through unrivalled and exclusive access to friends, colleagues and relatives of the victims who provide an intimate insight into their lives and personalities as well as archive material from the time that will bring 1970s Mayfair to life.

Marcel’s hunt to shed light on who was responsible takes him back to that time, sees him try to track down police files, examine new breakthroughs and travel across the world in search of key figures who have been linked to the case as he pursues the truth that has remained hidden for decades.

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The Playboy Bunny Murder

In this two-part ITV true crime series, journalist Marcel Theroux will be taking a look back at a series of unsolved murders of the 1970s to try and discover what happened.

The first is the death of Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who wanted to be a model, and he will also examine the deaths of a schoolgirl named Lynne Weedon, and a croupier named Lynda Farrow.

Tuesday 14 November, 9pm: Louis Theroux interviews… Peter Doherty | BBC One

Louis Theroux Interviews...Pete Doherty
Louis Theroux Interviews...Pete Doherty (BBC)

Pete Doherty invites well-loved interviewer Louis Theroux into his new home in Normandy where he has created a new life for himself after his rockstar days.

His quiet life in a small French coastal town is a far cry from his wild days of taking crack and heroin.

The Libertines star Doherty courted the attention of headlines with his use of drugs and his high-profile romance with Kate Moss.

Tune into BBC to find out more about Doherty's new life and his reflections on the past at BBC Two at 9pm.

Wednesday 15 November: Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story | Disney+

Keanu Reeves with Jenson Button - Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story. (Disney+)
Keanu Reeves with Jenson Button - Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story. (Disney+)

Keanu Reeves takes viewers behind the scenes of Brawn GP, one of the most successful Formula 1 teams that was originally bought for just £1 in 2009. The team has drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello.

The documentary is set to give viewers a closer look at how the team came to be and how they grew from a small team to a success story with determination and grit.

Wednesday 15 November, 9pm: The Lazarus Project season 2 | Sky

The Lazarus Project (Sky)
The Lazarus Project (Sky)

The Lazarus Project returns for another intense series, which sees the time-travel agents face impossible odds when the world becomes stuck in an infinite three-week time loop and they have to find ways to get out of the mess.

Starring Paapa Essiedu as George, the series follows his character and the team as they scramble for an answer to the mystery in another thrilling season.

Wednesday 15 November, 9pm: Return to Lockerbie with Lorraine Kelly | ITV1

Return to Lockerbie with Lorraine Kelly (ITV)
Return to Lockerbie with Lorraine Kelly (ITV)

Lorraine Kelly was one of the first TV reporters at the scene of the attack where the Pan AM Flight 103 exploded mid-air killing 259 people and 11 on the ground in Lockerbie.

Now 35 years on in December, Kelly has filmed a moving documentary about the aftermath of Europe's deadliest terror attack in the Scottish border.

She saw first-hand the fallout of the disaster and now she reflects on the past. It promises to be an emotional watch on ITV1 at 9pm.

Thursday 16 November: The Crown Season 6 part 1 | Netflix

The Crown season 6 (Netflix)
The Crown season 6 (Netflix)

Netflix's royal drama The Crown is back for its final season, the first half of which is premiering next week and the second half will be coming out in December.

Coming closer to the present day, the series will follow a lot of key moments in the British Royal Family's lives including Princess Diana's tragic death, the time Prince William met future wife Kate Middleton, and King Charles III's wedding to Queen Consort Camilla.

Friday 17 November: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters | Apple TV+

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+)
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+)

Godzilla is heading to the small screen in Apple TV+'s new series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, which continues the Monsterverse in a new and inventive way.

The series follows two half-siblings who discover each other's existence after their father disappears and decide to work together to figure out what happened to him, told over several decades the series also follows the origins of a group known as Monarch.

Kurt and Wyatt Russell star in the series as the same character in different eras, and the show also features a number of iconic monsters from Toho's vast back catalogue — not just Godzilla.

Friday 17 November, 7pm: Children in Need | BBC One

DIY SOS Children in Need Special ,16-11-2023,Pudsey, Nick Knowles,Nick Knowles and Pudsey on the DIY SOS & Radio 2 build for BBC Children in Need in Risley, Derbyshire,BBC Children in Need,Neil Sherwood
Children in Need (BBC)

A galaxy of stars team up to raise money for Children in Need.

Kind-hearted Ade Adepitan, Mel Giedroyc, Chris Ramsey, Alex Scott, Jason Manford and rising star Lenny Rush, 14, give up their time to front this year's show.

The live night has lots of exciting things planned including exclusive sketches, including one from MasterChef, and a parody of Race Across The World.

Friday 17 November, 9pm: Big Brother live final | ITV1

Big Brother's live final (ITV)
Big Brother's live final (ITV)

Big Brother made a huge comeback to our screens for the first time after five years off-air.

We've seen furious clashes, a love triangle form and the house has even split into two divides with everyone choosing which side they want to be on.

It has all been building to this moment, the final: will the housemates be able to put aside their differences? Who has the personality to make it to the end?

Friday 17 November: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off | Netflix

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Netflix)
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Netflix)

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World was a huge success in 2010, and now the franchise is back in animated form for Netflix, with Edgar Wright returning to direct and the original film's cast reprising their roles.

The series follows the story of Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), who hopes to win over Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) but in order to date her must face her seven evil exes.

Friday 17 November: Twin Love | Prime Video

Twin Love (Prime Video)
Twin Love (Prime Video)

A new dating show hits our screens with Twin Love which explores the love lives of identical twins.

Twins Brie and Nikki Garcia will host the new reality TV format where ten sets of twins are split up into two identical casts to start their journey to find love.

How will they fare without each other in the process as they focus on looking for love? Will their choices be similar to their twin?

Watch the trailer for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters