'The Crown' viewers shocked as show spells the town 'Morecambe' wrong

Fans spotted a mistake in <em>The Crown</em>. (Netflix)
Fans spotted a mistake in The Crown. (Netflix)

The Crown viewers were shocked after the show got the spelling of a town wrong.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the blunder in an episode of the fifth series of the Netflix hit, which was unveiled earlier this month.

The scene showed Queen Elizabeth II (played by Imelda Staunton) making a speech outside of a factory in Lancashire.

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A tanker could be seen parked behind her in the background and it had a sign on it saying - "Morecombe" when it should actually have been "Morecambe".

Viewers couldn't believe the gaffe and flocked to Twitter to comment on it.

"#TheCrown couldn’t be more wrong!" said one viewer. "Zoom in on the truck. That’s not a correct spelling of Morecambe."

"Never mind the historical inaccuracies of #TheCrown... they’ve spelt Morecambe wrong!!!" another fan tweeted.

One posted: "The Queen's visit to our near neighbour Morecambe in 1991 features in season 5 of The Crown. Shame they didn't spell it correctly."

"First episode of #TheCrown, buzzing that Morecambe was mentioned… then they spelt it wrong," said another fan of the series.

The Crown S5 (Netflix)
A scene from the fifth series of The Crown. (Netflix)

Another person tweeted: "You spend $13 million an episode, and nobody checks how to spell Morecambe."

"@TheCrownNetflix seriously?" asked someone else.

"You do know that ‘Morecombe’ doesn’t exist and ‘Morecambe’ does? Think you need to sack a few researchers. I’m shocked such a schoolgirl error was made. Bet you thought no one would notice…"

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One viewer joked: "Having lived in Morecambe as a student many years ago, I would have happily relieved you of a portion of the £10 million per episode for the correct spelling of the town!"

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