The Gold true crime story revealed in BBC One documentary

Brian Boyce will talk about his part in the investigation. (BBC)
Brian Boyce will talk about his part in the investigation. (BBC)

If you've been gripped by true crime drama The Gold on BBC One, you won't want to miss newly announced documentary The Gold: The Inside Story.

The Brink's-Mat heist, which changed the underworld of British crime as well as the gold industry, is more fascinating than many a fictional drama, especially because of its repercussions decades on.

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BBC One has confirmed a one-off documentary which hears from the detectives who investigated Britain’s biggest bullion heist and led the hunt for three tonnes of gold.

Telling the true story of the November 1983 armed robbery, it explains how 6,800 bars of gold were taken, worth £26 million - or £100 million at today's value.

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Jack Lowden stars as Kenneth Noye in the drama. (BBC)

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce and DC Tony Yeoman will speak on film about the crime for the first time in 40 years and will also talk about how tragedy unfolded with the death of DC John Fordham as they staked out Kenneth Noye, one of the key gang members.

Boyce is played by Hugh Bonneville in the drama, starring opposite Jack Lowden as Noye.

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Viewers of the drama series will know that loopholes in the banking systems of the 80s were used to launder the money and plough much of it into redeveloping London's docklands.

Hugh Bonneville plays Brian Boyce. (BBC)

It meant that the criminals could transform the biggest gold bullion haul in history into cash and in doing so, changed the UK forever.

Boyce said: "Our task was far greater than just arresting the robbers, we hadn’t even recovered the dust of the gold. We had to work extremely hard, follow the trail and recover as much of the gold as possible."

BBC head of history Simon Young added: "Few robberies are as iconic as Brink’s-Mat or have had such a profound effect on the country. That’s why it’s so fascinating to hear Brian Boyce and his colleagues give such a frank and unvarnished account of the challenges the police faced in attempting to solve such a colossal crime."