The It List: Katy Perry plots pop comeback with 'Woman's World,' Eminem releases 'The Death of Slim Shady,' 'Descendants' ushers in 'The Rise of Red'

Plus, a terrifying new role for Nicolas Cage and a screwball comedy about the moon landing.

Illustration: Yahoo News
Illustration: Yahoo News

Hello, friends! I'm Kelsey, your guide to all things pop culture for Yahoo Entertainment, and this is the It List, our weekly rundown of what's new and notable. This week, my brilliant colleagues recommended a slew of upcoming releases to watch, stream, listen to, read and binge. I’ll walk you through my favorites.

Brandy, Malia Baker and Paolo Montalban.
Brandy, Malia Baker and Paolo Montalban in "Descendants: The Rise of Red." (Quantrell Colbert /© Disney+ /Courtesy Everett Collection)

🎥 Descendants: The Rise of Red enters a (new) villain era

  • When: Descendants: The Rise of Red starts streaming on Disney+ July 12.

  • What to know: The fourth movie in the Descendants fantasy musical franchise, which follows the children of classic Disney characters, gets a whole new cast.

  • This installment follows the daughter of the villainous Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, who’s invited to attend the prestigious school Auradon Prep.

  • Reporter Chanelle Chandler told me that fans spent years unsure if there would be another Descendants movie, but she’s excited to bond with her daughter on this fresh, new adventure.

  • Why I’ll be watching: Brandy plays Cinderella, who she played in the 1997 TV adaptation of the fairy tale, and I cannot resist the nostalgia.

  • If you want more: The film's star, Kylie Cantrall, told Yahoo Entertainment about her YouTuber past and honoring the legacy of her late former co-star Cameron Boyce.

🎥 Fly Me to the Moon is ready for liftoff

  • When: Fly Me to the Moon is in theaters July 12.

  • What to know: When the moon landing is deemed too important to fail, a marketing executive (Scarlett Johansson) is called in to stage the mission just in case.

  • Channing Tatum also stars as a launch director in the fast-paced romantic comedy.

  • Don’t get it confused with Space Cadet, the Legally Blonde-esque movie about a Florida party girl who is accidentally recruited to NASA’s astronaut program. Space comedies are just all the rage right now.

  • Why I’ll be watching: I’ve heard there’s great fashion and quick banter throughout the film. Those are the key ingredients for a good time.

🎥 Nicolas Cage terrifies audiences — and his own co-star — in Longlegs

  • When: Longlegs is in theaters July 12.

  • What to know: The horror movie follows an FBI agent (Maika Monroe) assigned to an unsolved serial killer case with occult ties.

  • Nicolas Cage looks so frighteningly creepy in this role that Monroe’s heart rate skyrocketed when she saw him in character for the first time.

  • Why I loved it: The less you know about this film going into it, the better. I saw it a month ago, and I’m still afraid of the color red.

Katy Perry waves to the crowd during a performance.
Katy Perry performs at the American Idol season finale, which was her last episode as a judge. (Disney/Eric McCandless/Getty Images)

🎧 Katy Perry marks return to pop music with a new single

  • When: “Woman’s World” is out July 11.

  • What to know: After a seven-season run as a judge on American Idol, Perry is making her return to pop music with a fresh new look to match her new era.

  • The singer has hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 nine times over the course of her career — but she hasn’t appeared on the chart since 2013.

  • After a snippet of the song was shared on social media, “Woman’s World” faced criticism for its “outdated” lyrics.

  • Why I’ll be listening: Perry’s music was so ubiquitous in the aughts, it will be fascinating to see if she can evolve to keep up with our very online times.

  • In case you missed it: Perry previewed the song’s lyrics on her dress train during Paris Fashion Week. [Rolling Stone]

🎧 Eminem releases his 12th studio album

  • When: The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce) is out July 12.

  • What to know: Eminem has spent weeks dropping hints about his first album since 2020.

  • Fans have come to expect showmanship when it comes to the rapper’s new releases. He revealed the new album’s lead single, “Houdini,” in a May social media post with magician David Blaine.

  • Reporter Taryn Ryder told me that “Houdini” was an homage to Eminem’s 2002 hit “Without Me,” and she’s hoping the new album leans in to more of that 2000s nostalgia.

  • Why I’ll be listening: To quote the rapper himself, “We need a little controversy.”

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Illustration: Yahoo News
Illustration: Yahoo News

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