'The Last Leg' fans left outraged by comedian Rosie Jones' 'awful' Greta Thunberg joke

Rosie Jones on 'The Last Leg' (Channel 4)
Rosie Jones upset viewers of 'The Last Leg of the Year' recently when she made an 'inappropriate' joke about teen activist Greta Thunberg (Channel 4)

The Last Leg viewers were left outraged during the show’s New Year special when comedian Rosie Jones made a “disgusting” joke about climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

In a recent episode of the show - which sees host Adam Hills and regulars Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker discuss topical news alongside other celebrity guests - Jones suggested that the Swedish teen should put her campaigning on the back burner in order to “live a little.”

“I think Greta’s amazing and what she’s doing is brilliant, but don’t do it now,” Jones laughed. “She needs to live a little. She’s only 16. She should be doing two things: drinking Lambrini and getting fingered.”

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Despite the gag going down well with her fellow panellists, it didn’t take long for fans watching at home to take to Twitter and label Jones’s comment “inappropriate.”

“That so called ‘joke’ by Rosie Jones was awful. It wasn’t even a joke and I’m surprised that ANYONE in the studio laughed but everyone did,” one social media user wrote. “Why did they? What was it that you all found so hilarious?”

“Massive f***ing yikes on The Last Leg of the Year,” said another. “@Channel4, are you serious?”

“Rosie Jones was totally inappropriate,” a third viewer chimed in, adding that they normally enjoy the show but that particular remark was “below any standards.”

One more added: “I’m disgusted by the comment that Rosie Jones just made on your show. It shouldn’t have been applauded.”

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Others saw the funny side, however, with one Twitter user teasing: “I have just heard about Rosie Jones's vile joke on The Last Leg, safe to say I am fuming mad, nobody should ever condone drinking Lambrini.”

A second tweeted that they’re sure to be “going to hell for laughing” at Jones’s quip as another said: “Rosy Jones is f**kin hilarious. Sounds like a night out at the local pub back home.”

The Last Leg of the Year is available on All 4 now.