The Last Of Us fans label show one of the most terrifying things ever made

Merle Dandridge as Marlene & Natasha Mumba as Kim Tembo in The Last Of Us. (Sky/HBO)
The Last Of Us has been terrifying fans. (Sky/HBO)

Fans of The Last Of Us have been calling it one of the most terrifying things they have ever seen - even admitting they have been struggling to sleep after watching it.

The HBO series, which airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK, is an adaptation of the popular videogame about a fungus that takes over the human race, and two survivors making a perilous journey to escape the infected.

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Viewers have been horrified by the zombie-like infected characters, whose heads turn into a giant mushroom as the mould takes over their bodies.

One person tweeted: "Nah bro we can all agree that this episode of The Last Of Us was the scariest ever made."

A screenshot from The Last Of Us on PlayStation 3. (Naughty Dog/Sony PlayStation)
A scene from the videogame, which is faithfully represented in the show. (Naughty Dog/Sony PlayStation)

Someone else wrote: "Currently watching The Last Of Us & trying to remember to breathe bc dear lord this show is terrifying."

Another person commented: "The way the clickers moved in the last of us on HBO was spot on terrifying," while someone else agreed: "the last of us clickers had me screaming and covering my eyes."

One scared viewer tweeted: "Yep. The Last of Us tv show absolutely nailed how terrifying Clickers are. Hated that part so much. Don’t know if I can keep watching new episodes on Sunday nights before bedtime."

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Another fan wrote: "Two straight weeks that the first 5 minutes of The Last of Us is absolutely terrifying. What an intense show. And this is coming from someone that has played the video game."

The show is currently two episodes in, and the opening scene of each instalment has proved particularly scary with flashbacks to scientists discussing the potential for the fungus to take hold before it actually happened.

One viewer tweeted: "Both cold openings for Last of Us so far have been some of the most terrifying and unnerving TV ever. Brilliant."

Those who have played the videogame have also shared how impressed they are with the adaptation.

One fan wrote: "2 episodes in The Last of Us HBO show has been damn near perfect. True to the source material with clever and effective deviations and just really well made on all fronts."

Someone else tweeted: "Hbo absolutely crushed it with the scenery in the last of us, identical to the games."

The Last Of Us airs on Mondays at 2am and repeated at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.