And the luckiest Lotto town in Britain is...Romford!

Adam Parris-Long

Pack your bags and move to Romford - it is officially the luckiest place in country, according to National Lottery research.

The last 17 years of the National Lottery have seen more than 300 residents in the town scoop £50,000 or more, meaning that one in 1,238 adults in the South East town have struck lucky.

Expanding the analysis per region, researchers found that the North East is the luckiest region in the country with 1 in 1,550 adults banking £50,000 lottery wins.

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But when it comes to the EuroMillions jackpots the place to be is Nottinghamshire. The county saw Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham scoop £45m last week, a fortnight after fellow Nottinghamshire couple Gareth and Catherine Bull claimed a £40m win.

“This is the first time we have included prizes of £50,000 upwards, giving a true snapshot of where the luckiest players are based,” a National Lottery spokesman said.

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“It’s fascinating to see that Essex still remains one of the luckiest counties to live where for many years Ilford has claimed a high percentage of jackpot prizes for its residents.”

The full top 10 [calculated by the percentage of people who have won £50k or more in the postcode area]

1)    Romford- 1 in 1,238 adults.
2)    Enfield- 1 in 1,378 adults.
3)    Dartford- 1 in 1,391 adults.
4)    Newcastle upon Tyne- 1 in 1,392 adults.
5)    Sunderland- 1 in 1,421 adults.
6)    Liverpool- 1 in 1,425 adults.
7)    Warrington- 1 in 1,428 adults.
8)    Bromley- 1 in 1,443 adults.
9)    Newport- 1 in 1,452 adults.
10)  Doncaster- 1 in 1,472 adults.