When will The Night Manager season 2 be released?

Marvel star Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as Jonathan Pine in the BBC spy thriller

The Night Manager Series2: What we know so far
The Night Manager is returning for season two. (BBC)

BBC spy thriller The Night Manager was a huge TV hit for its first season in 2016, and ever since fans have been clamouring for a sequel.

Now, seven years on, the BBC has confirmed that two new outings will be on the way, with Marvel star Tom Hiddleston set to reprise his role as Jonathan Pine.

Here's everything we know about The Night Manager's comeback so far, including its release date, cast and plot.

When will The Night Manager season 2 be released?

The Night Manager Series2: What we know so far
Tom Hiddleston's Jonathan Pine is returning. (BBC)

The Night Manager, an adaptation of John le Carré's novel, first aired in 2016 to huge acclaim from critics and viewers. The second and third seasons were officially green-lit in April 2024, with star Tom Hiddleston returning and executive producing alongside co-star Hugh Laurie.

The show will begin filming later in 2024 and while an air date has not yet been announced, it's likely that we won't see the show's return until 2025 at the earliest. It will air on the BBC in the UK and on streaming service Prime Video worldwide.

What will happen in The Night Manager season 2?

The Night Manager (Credit: BBC)
The Night Manager was a hit in 2016. (BBC)

Working under the codename 'Steelworks', new episodes of The Night Manager are set to pick up eight years after the events of the first series.

The adaptation will be written once again by David Farr, and is set to film in London and South America with Pine presumably taking on further risky tasks for the Foreign Office.

Le Carré's sons Simon and Stephen Cornwell, explained that new episodes will go beyond the work written by their late father. "Revisiting the story of Pine also means going beyond the events of John le Carré’s original work," they explained in a statement. "That is a decision we have not taken lightly, but his compelling characters and the vision David has for their next chapter were irresistible."

Sadly, that's all we currently know for sure about what the show's new storyline might entail but we do know that I Hate Suzie's Georgi Banks-Davies will direct.

Who will star in The Night Manager season 2?

Could Olivia Colman be back as Angela Burr? (BBC)
Could Olivia Colman be back as Angela Burr? (BBC)

The first season of The Night Manager featured an incredible star cast, with Tom Hiddleston in the lead role as former soldier turned luxury Cairo hotel night manager Jonathan Pine, who had been recruited by the Foreign Office to infiltrate an arms dealing circle.

Hiddleston will return for seasons two and three. In a statement, he said: "The first series of The Night Manager was one of the most creatively fulfilling projects I have ever worked on. The depth, range and complexity of Jonathan Pine was, and remains, a thrilling prospect."

He will need to be joined by some new cast members as many of those from season one will not return.

While Laurie returns to executive produce new episodes, his character, Arms dealer Richard Roper, was seemingly killed off during the show's first series making it unclear as to whether he'll be back in front of the camera.

Speaking to late night host Jimmy Kimmel shortly after the revival was announced, Hiddleston pinned the delay in getting the show back in production down to narrative issues, saying "Honestly, we were just trying to get the story right."

He continued, revealing more about where the show might go next: “We were talking and working very closely with John le Carré – the great writer who wrote the original novel and many others – who sadly passed away a few years ago. But he’s had a huge input on the story.”

Hiddleston played coy when quizzed about Laurie's return, saying that he didn't know anything. However, the writing was on the wall regarding whether or not he'll return as Roper. "He is a huge influence," added the star, "he knows le Carré better than anyone.”

Watch below from the 7.50 mark.

Meanwhile, Pine was shown killing henchman Corky, played by Tom Hollander, towards the end of the series meaning he'll be out too.

Oscar winner Olivia Colman played Pine's Foreign Office boss Angela Burr, while Elizabeth Debicki played his girlfriend, Jed – although she was shown leaving for America at the end of season one. Other cast members from season one also included David Harewood, Tobias Menzies, Russell Tovey and Neil Morrissey.

Is there a trailer for The Night Manager season 2?

With cameras yet to start rolling on The Night Manager season 2, fans will have to wait a little longer for the release of a trailer. Stay tuned.

The Night Manager series 2 is coming soon to BBC and Prime Video