The Night Manager Series2: What we know so far

We’ve learnt The Night Manager is set to return for a second series and the prospect of Tom Hiddleston getting his tush out again has admittedly sent us into a right tizzy.

We’ll be transfixed, a bit like Tom is here.

Tom Hiddleston won Best Actor as superspy Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager.
Tom Hiddleston won Best Actor as superspy Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager.

But here’s what we know so far

The hugely popular thriller set tongues wagging when it first aired last year because of the raunchy episodes, which saw Hiddleston – who played the role of Jonathan Pine in season one – strip down for the intimate sex scenes.

The actor played a British secret service agent reluctantly sent to gather dirt on Hugh Laurie’s dangerous arms dealer Richard Roper.

The series is set to make a comeback and the script for a follow-up is “slowly being developed”.


Show bosses fear series 2 won’t “live up” to their debut show

The programme’s director, Susanne Bier, is believed to be working on the production with the BBC and American co-producers AMC, although the creative team behind the series are tentative and fear a second series will not “live up” to their debut show.

She told “We all want very much to do a season two but the thing we absolutely do not want is to do something that does not live up to the level of season one.

“That would be a really bad idea.”

Hugh Laurie played the evil Richard Roper in The Night Manager
Hugh Laurie played the evil Richard Roper in The Night Manager

The novel was a one off which means the plot will be new material

Producer Simon Cornwell has revealed the broadcasters are desperate to explore where the characters from the mighty John Le Carré’s 1993 novel can be taken further, because the book did not have a sequel. He said previously: “Of course, the broadcasters would love to do another series.

“There’s no book and there’s never been a Le Carré story that has been extended beyond the confines of the novel. It would be interesting to try that.”

However, Le Carré’s sons are on board as producers so we assume he’ll have some sway on the storyline.


Our plot predictions

Roper will break out of jail and seek revenge on his ex Jed, who is now living a quiet life in an American suburb with Pine. Olivia Colman’s British agent will be forced out of maternity leave by Pine to help track Roper once more.

Or will it go all Homeland on us and focus on the hottest topic, terrorism, and dodgy politicians?

Hiddles will find any excuse to get his bum out, of course.

The Night Manager leads the Brits in Golden Globe nominations
The Night Manager led the Brits in Golden Globe nominations (HBO)

John Le Carré is writing a sequel to his other hit novel

The 85-year-old author has announced he will be writing another novel based on the fictional spy George Smiley titled ‘A Legacy of Spies’, which will be published in September this year.

And the BBC are set to adapt John’s 1963 text ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ into a television production next year.