Rubik's Cube on steroids: 'The Pillow' makes classic 80s toy look like child's play

The Pillow is like a Rubik's Cube on steroids - it has 1,014 coloured blocks. [Rex]

A U.S. gadget firm have produced possibly the most mind-boggling Rubik’s cube ever.

The Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick is a dastardly six-sided 3D puzzle that features 1,014 coloured blocks which have to be matched up - just like the 80s classic toy.

Even Erno Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture who invented the original Rubik’s cube in 1974, might have been left frustrated trying to solve The Pillow.

Frustratingly expensive?: The mega-puzzle will set you back $320. [Rex]
Frustratingly expensive?: The mega-puzzle will set you back $320. [Rex]

The puzzle’s maker Brando claim it is a great tool for training the left and right sides of the brain, and that it’s also ‘good for creative thinking and improving both your IQ and EQ’ – FYI EQ stands for emotional intelligence.

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But if you thought the puzzle could be a decent idea for a Christmas stocking stuffer then you might like to know that this Rubik’s Cube on steroids costs $320 (£200) - a large price-tag for something certain to induce frustration and anger in many.

Brando do offer some advice for anyone who is brave enough to try to master the confusing cube, and that is to take a ‘tea break and retry it’.