The Traitors fans 'devastated' at Diane's 'slow death' after dramatic twist

Viewers said the episode was 'morbid' but worthy of awards

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Diane has left The Traitors. (BBC)

What did you miss?

The Traitors fans have said they were “devastated” by Diane’s slow death but that her funeral scenes were “Bafta-worthy”.

The former teacher was killed off in Wednesday night’s instalment of the BBC show (17 January) after a dramatic twist saw her dying slowly over the course of an episode after she had been poisoned. Viewers have branded the dark scenes “a masterpiece”, but many joked that they were left so upset they need time off work.

What, how, and why?

In the previous night’s episode, the Traitors discovered they had to murder a Faithful by getting them to drink from a poisoned chalice. Fans were gripped as Miles handed it to Diane, but the episode ended on a cliffhanger with nobody knowing whether she had taken a sip.

Diane took a sip from the poisoned cup. (BBC screengrab)
Diane took a sip from the poisoned cup. (BBC screengrab)

As Wednesday’s instalment got under way, she drank from the cup, meaning her death was inevitable. However, in a twist, Diane initially survived and made it to breakfast the next morning.

The players were all confused to see that everyone was at the table, looking around and counting the players. But then host Claudia Winkleman explained that someone had indeed been killed, but that they had a little time left. “Think of today as a slow march towards certain death,” she told the stunned group, explaining that the victim would pass away after the show's mission.

Diane’s funeral then played out with maximum drama, including a sombre procession, horses and buckets of tension as the players had to guess who had taken a drink from the cup. Many viewers were hoping that another twist would save Diane from death, but it was not to be and she was revealed to be the victim.

What did viewers say?

Viewers admitted the long-drawn out death had made them feel ill and said they were “gutted” as Diane had been such a great character. Many also felt the dragged out funeral was "morbid".

“This episode has me feeling sick, really dragging it out the pain of losing Diane,” one person posted on X. “Ringing in sick tomorrow because I'm in mourning for Diane,” said someone else.

Diane was killed off on The Traitors. (BBC screengrab)
Diane was killed off on The Traitors. (BBC screengrab)

Another viewer said: “I've never been more upset at a television death before. Diane, you legend.” “Embarrassed to admit I cried watching Diane in her coffin,” posted another upset fan, adding: “What a moment. A legend has been born.”

One viewer said they were so “traumatised” that they couldn’t go to work. “I need a national day of mourning,” agreed someone else.

“WOW that was knocked out of the park!” said one fan. “If that doesn’t win a Bafta I don’t know what will.”

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