The Voice UK: CONFIRMS Return As Coach

We finally have our first official coach for next year’s series of The Voice UK - and it’s someone who’s very much used to plonking themselves in one of the spinning red chairs.

Who is it, we hear you cry? Well, it’s been confirmed that The Voice coaching pro,, is following the show over to ITV, where he’ll also be taking up a coaching role on The Voice Kids.



Will has been a coach on the show since it begun on the BBC back in 2012, winning with Jermain Jackman in 2014.

Sharing our level of excitement (and making a Brexit joke in the process), the Black Eyed Peas star said: “I’m delighted to be continuing The Voice UK on ITV and being a voice of direction and guidance for the usual suspects, and I’m thrilled to add The Voice Kids to the mix.

“I know The Voice switched to ITV, but I’m not going to BREXIT The Voice UK. I’m happy to make ITV my home now. I love the UK.”


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Emma Willis, who’s returning to host the show, added: “Hosting The Voice Kids will be like being at my house on a Saturday night; lots of kids singing, with me trying to keep some kind of order.

“Thankfully, the musical genius that is is there to bring some expertise to the table. It’s going to be pretty awesome.”

It remains to be seen who’ll join in the spinning red chairs, but it’s safe to say we can’t wait to find out!