The Voice UK’s Kevin Simm Opens Up About His Past Financial Woes Ahead Of Final

Tonight, fans of BBC One’s The Voice UK will get to find out who’ll be crowned champion – as former Liberty X star Kevin Simm takes on Jolan, Cody Frost and Lydia Lucy in the live final.

Kevin – favourite to win the show this year – enjoyed pretty solid success with Liberty X back in the day, but since the band split, things haven’t been exactly sunny for the Lancashire lad - especially where his finances are concerned.


After only applying to the show in order to give his ticket prices a bit of a boost, Kevin was in pretty dire straits when it came to his piggy bank – investing thousands of pounds of his own money into albums and record deals, never seeing much return.

Speaking to The Mirror, Kevin admitted that he’d often end up playing to empty bars – an experience which he says dented his confidence:

“Sometimes a venue would rather book a tribute act, so it’s tough to keep going”

“No one was there for the whole set so I just used it as practise time. You can’t get too down about it, you have to try and use it try some new sounds out. I’ve had that many times where there has been literally no one – singing to an empty room.


“So it means a lot getting to the final, it’s beyond anything I could have dreamed of. Regardless of what happens it’s been a positive experience, and I hope positive things will come after this, no matter on what scale.”

The singer ended up sacking off the tunes for a bit, and tried his hand at some good old-fashioned hard graft to help the pennies keep coming in:

“Digging, being outside in the freezing cold, it was as manual as you can get.

“I was losing my faith at that point that singing was what I should be doing. With my boys and the uncertainty – it made me think maybe I should forget it and try something else.

Well thank god you didn’t, eh Kev?

You can catch The Voice UK over on BBC One, tonight at 7pm.