The Way viewers complain they can't 'completely follow' second episode

Episode two introduced Luke Evans as villain "The Welsh Catcher"

Luke Evans as
Luke Evans as "The Welsh Catcher" in The Way. (BBC)

The Way's second episode left viewers baffled when it premiered on BBC One on Monday, 26 February.

Created by Michael Sheen, the dystopian drama follows the Driscoll family, who fight to survive as the world descends into chaos when their Port Talbot community is hit with misfortune. The second episode sees the town come under martial law, with a mercenary known as "The Welsh Catcher" (Luke Evans) arriving to dispel the civil unrest.

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Viewers were torn over the show, with many complaining over how they were struggling to follow the story and others hailing Sheen's unique storytelling. Several people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, in order to share their thoughts.

One person said of the three-part series: "The first episode of #TheWay was excellent but sadly episode 2 was a stark contrast and left me why I was bothering to watch it. I won’t be bothering with episode 3 unless there is some guarantee that it isn’t utter pants."

Jonathan Nefydd as The Prophet in The Way. (BBC)
Jonathan Nefydd as The Prophet in The Way. (BBC)

There was one viewer feeling similarly, who said: "Episode 1 left me thinking "What the hell have I just watched?" Episode 2 has left me thinking "why am I still watching this tripe?" My prediction for episode 3's reaction... "Thank f**k that's over!" #TheWay"

Another shared scathing criticism as they wrote: "Wtf is #theway all about. I think bbc have lost their way. Started off as bleak uk drama - swinging into 70’s like farcical fantasy. Sheen - what are you doing?"

While they found it difficult to keep track of the story, another gave a more balanced opinion as they said: "V exciting episode though I’m not 100% sure I completely follow with the bell thing but I’m hoping the points I’m not clear on are all explained next week! Still super drama though, my heart was in my throat! #TheWay"

It wasn't all negative, though, because other viewers continued to enjoy the series regardless of the weird and wonderful story, with one person saying: "#TheWay is superb. Well done @michaelsheen and everyone involved in it. Impatiently waiting for the final episode next week!"

While another viewer shared that the episode was: "Very weird. Very Welsh. A tad Survivors, a tad Torchwood - but with a unique identity of its own. A tad too many flashbacks but again, I was really swept along by the storytelling."

And one person said: "The second ep is even more [mind-blowing]. So much to love - the family and its dynamics with each other, Luke Evans in a fab hat and... the yellow brick road?! A bonkers ride and TV pushing the form"

The mini-series consists of three episodes, all of which are already available on BBC iPlayer, but viewers have still been enjoying watching it on a weekly basis.

The Way concludes on BBC One on Monday, 4 March at 9pm, and all episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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