The Woman In The Wall: Fans say Ruth Wilson gives acting 'masterclass' in 'haunting' series

The series examines the Magdalene Laundries

The Woman In the Wall,Lorna Brady (RUTH WILSON),Motive Pictures,Colin Barr
Ruth Wilson in The Woman In The Wall. (Motive Pictures)

TV viewers have said Ruth Wilson delivers a “masterclass” in acting in “harrowing” new thriller The Woman In The Wall.

The BBC series is set in Ireland and looks at the Magdalene Laundries, state-funded institutions that were usually run by the church and institutionalised "fallen women", such as unmarried mothers and women who were seen as badly behaved or promiscuous.

It follows Lorna (Wilson), who was sent to a home at 15 because she was pregnant and whose traumatic past has left her experiencing extreme bouts of sleepwalking.

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She discovers a corpse in the wall at her home - and can’t be sure that she wasn’t involved herself.

The Woman In the Wall,02-08-2023, Lorna Brady (RUTH WILSON),Motive Pictures,Colin Barr
Fans said the actor is 'incredible' in the series. (Motive Pictures)

Viewers have said they’ve been blown away by the acting in the tense series, with much of the praise directed at lead star Wilson.

One posted a message on Twitter saying her performance was “utterly brilliant”.

Another admitted they were “completely speechless”, adding: “Ruth's acting is next level! I am so intrigued with this storyline too. One of the best drama series I've seen for a while!”

“Ruth Wilson is a masterclass,” said someone else.

“Ruth Wilson deserves awards, she is absolutely incredible,” said another.

The Woman In the Wall,02-08-2023, Lorna Brady (RUTH WILSON),Motive Pictures,Colin Barr
The actor plays a character named Lorna Brady. (Motive Pictures)

“Feels like career best stuff from Ruth Wilson,” said somebody else.

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Fans were also impressed with the script, saying the tale was “haunting, gripping and gruelling".

“From a writing perspective, #TheWomanInTheWall first episode is sublime,” said one person.

“It’s gripping, haunting, funny and pacey. I think they’ll be teaching it in #screenwriting classes one day.”

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