There's A Kardashians Musical And Andrew Lloyd Webber Is Fuming

We were very excited to hear reports of a musical about the Kardashians being told by cat characters playing over in New York.

We mean, musicals, the Kardashians and cats? That’s literally three of our favourite things combined.

However, it has now transpired that the off-Broadway musical probably won’t become the next Les Miserables as it has already been faced with a pretty hefty lawsuit.


The Katdashians tells the tale of a “clan of internet famous cats torn apart by fame, family and friskies’ but it apparently uses “no less than six songs from Cats” - Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hugely popular, long-running musical.


Understandably the musical tycoon is seriously unimpressed and wasted no time in sending a legal letter to the team behind the musical, claiming that the "continued willful infringement on our client’s rights” would result in a claim for damages.

Co-creater Tobly McSmith admits that the entire cast and crew were surprised to receive the threat, explaining: “We were pretty shocked.

"We are fans of Webber and his work… We thought he’d enjoy the parodies we did of his songs, but apparently he did not.”

Thankfully the creators aren’t willing to go to court over the matter and have agreed to remove the copyrighted material from their production.

A rep for Andrew said: “We are pleased that the producers of The Katdashians are cooperating in removing copyrighted material from their show.

"If you want to hear Memory live this summer, it looks like you’ll have to go to Broadway, but it won’t be performed by a ‘Katdashian’, whatever that is.”