There's a Hill House Dress on the 2024 Met Gala Red Carpet

<p>Photo: Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images</p>

Photo: Theo Wargo/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

Nap Dress Nation has infiltrated fashion's biggest night.

In addition to being a certified Fashion Person™, Nell Diamond is the embodiment of and prime spokesperson for her beloved brand, Hill House Home — so, of course, she had to wear Hill House to the storied Met Gala. It wasn't exactly a nap dress, though (as aligned as that might have been with the Costume Institute exhibit's "Sleeping Beauties" theme).

Diamond's look was a custom creation: a strapless orange gown with a sweetheart neckline and a wrapped overlap detail on the torso. The skirt was sheer, so you could see a color-matched bodysuit underneath. Bringing in the "Garden of Time" dress code, she accented her train with fresh blooms, which also adorned the waves in her hair.

<p>Photo: Aliah Anderson/Getty Images</p>

Photo: Aliah Anderson/Getty Images

<p>Photo: Aliah Anderson/Getty Images)</p>

Photo: Aliah Anderson/Getty Images)

In an Instagram post, Diamond shared that the inspiration was Sir Frederic Leighton's famous 1895 painting, "Flaming June." "I was introduced to the painting by my mom, who held my sweaty toddler hand and announced, 'That’s my Nellie,' in front of a reproduction of the work," she wrote, noting how it sparked an interest in Victorian and pre-Raphaelite women.

Because this was Hill House's first custom red-carpet moment, "it was important for us to add a Hill House touch; in this case, a waist-moment, a tiny bow on the handbag, and flowers of different shapes and sizes," she continued. "As we began to consider the floral elements of the dress, we looked to Millais' Ophelia — certainly a sister to June — and imagined what Ophelia might look like If she stood up and walked right out of the riverbank, the back of her dress and hair coated with slight wet, wilting flowers. We felt it only right to use real, fresh flowers, to illustrate the impermanence of our very own Sleeping Beauty, a dress that will look this way for one night only."

While her look might've been a one-of-one (and not for napping), Diamond is a keen businessperson: Shortly after she walked the red carpet on Monday night, the brand blasted out a press release announcing a Collector's Edition Ellie Nap Dress in "Flaming June" Orange, inspired by the Met Gala look.

<p>Photo: Courtesy of Hill House Home</p>

Photo: Courtesy of Hill House Home

Only 10 will be made, using the same silk chiffon as Diamond's gown. It's available for purchase now for $278 on

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