Theresa May sparks Twitter outcry for saying there are 'boy jobs and girl jobs’

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

Theresa May appeared on The One Show last night and it all ended up in an outcry when she said there were “boy jobs and girl jobs” in her household.

The Prime Minister appeared on the BBC show with her husband Philip, where she discussed politics, shoes and her love of Eurovision.

But it was when she was spoke about what chore her and her husband do around the house that really got people’s backs up.

Theresa May was called ‘outdated’ for her comments over jobs in the home (BBC)

Mr May – the second of only two female Prime Ministers – was asked how hard it is to negotiate with his wife – a reference to her being described as “bloody difficult” by fellow Tories.

He told host Alex Jones: “Well it’s a good question. There’s give and take in every marriage. I get to decide when to take the bins out not if I take the bins out.”

Mrs May then added: “There’s boy and girl jobs your see.

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“I definitely do the taking the bins out, I do the traditional boy job by and large.”

The throwaway comment was pounced on by viewers, who described her comments as outdated and “sexist”.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale also chimed in:

Conservative campaign chiefs are hoping that the joint interview showed the Tory leader’s human side in the run-up to the June 8 General Election.

Both of the Mays agreed it was love at first sight when they were introduced at an Oxford University student disco by mutual friend Benazir Bhutto – later prime minister of Pakistan.

Asked for his first impressions of the woman who would become his wife, Philip said: “What a lovely girl!” And he gallantly added: “And she still is.”

The Prime Minister was joined on The One Show by her husband Philip (PA/BBC)

Asked by presenter Alex Jones whether he “fancied her instantly”, Mr May replied: “Absolutely, it was love at first sight.”

Other party leaders – including Jeremy Corbyn – are also set to face a grilling on the One Show sofa.

Top pic: BBC