'Theresa’s Triumph’ or ‘Nothing has changed’?: Newspapers react to latest Brexit battles

Unsurprisingly, Brexit is the the talk of Wednesday’s newspapers, with front pages reflecting the differing views on what happens next.

Brexit supporting papers are hopeful that the deal can be renegotiated, with one calling the series of amendment wins ‘Theresa’s Triumph’.

However, other, more anti-Brexit newspapers suggest that the battles with the EU have only just begun.

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EU officials have already said that the Withdrawal deal cannot be negotiated, seemingly putting paid to any talk of a ‘triumph’.

Theresa May is heading back to Brussels, buoyed on by support from the majority of Tories in an attempt to secure a deal that will win the support of Parliament.

But whether it will signal a ‘Lazarus-like comeback’ for the Prime Minister is yet to be seen…