The Thick of It writer and star says he would "love" to reboot show

will smith as phil stands in front of a sign in an office in a scene from the thick of it
The Thick of It writer would "love" to reboot showBBC

The Thick of It writer and actor Will Smith has revealed that he would "love" to do a reboot of the show.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Smith - who wrote and starred in the BBC political comedy as well as co-writing its American spin-off Veep - said the idea of revisiting the series would be "a thrill."

"That would be a decision for Armando [Iannucci, show creator]. I think he probably feels it's too bonkers," he said, when asked about the possibly of a The Thick of It or Veep reboot.

"I'd love to hang out with those guys again, I haven't seen some of them for years," he continued, adding that a revisit to either series would have to top the already existing episodes.

the thick of it
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"The idea of doing it again would be a thrill, but it would only be if it could be better than what we did before. Right now it feels like, I don't know what it would be saying in terms of its satire," the the Slow Horses boss said.

"But I miss all that crew, so on that level I'd love to do it again."

Starring Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi as sweary spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker, The Thick of It originally premiered from 2005 until 2012, with the series swiftly gaining a cult following for its depiction of the inner workings of a fictionalised UK government.

The series also starred Roger Allam, Rebecca Front and Chris Addison as various members of the government and opposition, with Smith playing the role of MP Peter Mannion's (Allam) political aide Phil Smith.

will smith as phil stands in front of a sign in an office in a scene from the thick of it

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Following the conclusion of the series Iannucci went on to create US equivalent Veep for HBO, which starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus and ran until 2019.

However, Emmy Award-winning writer Iannucci has previously said he wouldn't revisit The Thick of It, telling NME in 2018: "It's not on my agenda, no."

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