Thieves 'stole my livelihood' says owner of popular pig roast firm

A distraught Nuneaton business owner has said thieves have 'driven off with his livelihood'. They struck at the back of some of the shops in Ravens Way, taking the vital equipment used by Crow Hill Premier Pig Roast.

Owner Lee West had just started packing up after one of their busy 'Sunday takeaway' pig roasts outside CrowHill butchers when the gang struck. They stole his entire pig roasting machinery which had barely had time to cool down.

They managed to wheel away the 100 kilo piece of kit, load it into a van and flee. "They literally drove away with my livelihood," said Mr West, who has run the pig roast catering company for seven years.

"It (the equipment) was round the back of the shop, I took it there and one of the staff went home, so I was helping to pack away at the front and when I went round to put the shutter on the shop, I realised it had been taken."

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The dad-of-two said that they must have lifted the 100 kilo machinery, which was 'full of juice and grease', onto the blue van. "We always clean it (the equipment) out the back, you don't expect people to be hanging around there because it is private property."

Mr West said that because the gates were unlocked, he cannot claim on his insurance for the stolen equipment. "I bought it (the equipment) for £3,500 but I looked online and now they are £5,500.

"At the minute, we cannot do any events out of the shop without it really. I do have a small one, but it is a spare really, the one stolen was the one we used all the time."

As well as the Sunday takeaway, they cater for all kinds of events across the area. "Luckily this weekend I only have hot buffets so I don't need the machinery but that's not the point.

"It is my livelihood at the end of the day, and they have driven off with it."


Unable to claim on insurance and facing much bigger costs, a fund-raiser has been launched to help him replace the vital equipment. It has been set-up by Mr West's sister Laura. In it she explains how the small business, which provides donations to the local food hubs is in need of help.

"He (Lee) really does work so so hard, and as he is so well loved for providing such great food and service to so many in and around Nuneaton, its so sad that these people have so callously tried to destroy his business and had no regard for his hard work," the fund-raising page says. "Any contribution towards covering the cost of replacing the stolen machinery would be a huge help to him and enable him to continue providing the Pig Roast into the future."

Anyone who would like to donate to the GoFundMe page can do so here

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