This Common Weed Could Kill Your Dog, Warns Animal Charity


Peta, the animal rights’ organisation, has warned that a common weed could be incredibly harmful to your dog.

Foxtail, a meadow grass, is dangerous during the dry and hot summer months when its flowering spikes become brittle.

The charity has said that its spikelets can become lodged in dog’s skin, feet, nose, mouth, ears and even genitals.

These sharp tips burrow into the animal’s skin, reaching internal organs causing pain, infection – and even death.

Peta warned animal owners to be vigilant this summer and to avoid walking dogs in overgrown grass or on trails with foxtails.

It said that dogs should be checked for the weeds after a walk – particularly in their ears and between their toes.


Dogs with long hair are at more risk according to Peta

It advised that, if found, foxtails should be carefully removed with tweezers – as they will not come free otherwise.

However a Peta spokesman added: “If it’s in any way lodged in the skin or you suspect that it has entered the animal’s body, get to a veterinarian immediately.”

Mimi Bekhechi, director at Peta UK told the Mirror: “Foxtail can get lodged between dogs’ toes or stuck in their eyes or ears, and if it becomes embedded, it can cause severe infections.

“Foxtail can also get into their lungs, spine, or other internal organs, and in some cases may be fatal.

“Guardians can protect their animal companions by keeping them away from overgrown, scrubby areas and sticking to roads and wooded areas, as opposed to meadows, where foxtail grasses grow, when out for a walk.”

For more information, see Peta’s website.