This Gadget Makes It Easier To Listen To Spotify In Your Car

A new in-car gadget from audio specialist Pure makes it easier to listen to Spotify and digital radio while driving.

The Highway 400 and 600 in-car adaptors sit on the dashboard and pack Bluetooth connectivity so that drivers can hook up to virtual assistants like Siri on their phones.

Drivers can use the new devices to scroll through tracks and playlists on Spotify without having to touch their phones, so that they can concentrate on their driving.

What’s more, a neat ‘tag’ feature enables users to tag tracks they hear on the radio by holding down a button on the device.

These tracks are then added to a special Spotify playlist.

The Highway 600 also features hands-free calling (Pure)

According to the maker, the devices are easy to fit and can be placed anywhere on the dashboard.

They’re connected to the existing radio either using the auxillary port or by tuning the car radio to a specific frequency to pick up what the device is playing.

The Highway 600 also packs a hands-free adaptor with a microphone for hands-free calling while driving.

The Highway gadgets will be available exclusively from Halfords from April priced at £129.99 for the 400 and £149.99 for the 600.

Image credit: Pure