This is how long you should wait to have sex in a relationship, expert advises

Picture Rex
Picture Rex

It’s one of the thorniest questions of modern dating – when should you start having sex in a long-term relationship?

Some studies have suggested leaving the physical side for ‘as long as possible’ – but it’s notable those tend to be funded by religious organisations.

Other experts have suggested that a period of around three months is enough time to get to know each other.

But psychotherapist and author Barton Goldsmith says that it might be best to measure the wait in hours, not months – 36 hours, to be precise.

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Goldsmith thinks that 36 hours of cumulative dating time – so a handful of evenings together, or a few days spent with each other is enough.

Any longer, and couples risk that first surge of sexual desire dropping off.

Goldsmith said in an interview with Business Insider, ‘The most important thing is you both agree not to push. Be clear that the person is comfortable.’

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