This Is Why Your Mobile Always Lands Screen-Side Down When You Drop It


When you drop a mobile phone, it always, always seems to land screen-side down - usually smashing the screen in the process.

Now a scientist believes he knows why.

Physicist Robert Matthews of Aston University says that it’s all to do with the way we hold them.

Matthews claims that it’s all to do with holding phones loosely with one hand, so they fall backwards over the fingers.

Most people hold phones at the bottom, below their centre of gravity, particularly while texting, so they spin over while they fall.

By the time they hit the floor, the phones haven’t had enough time to flip over twice - so they land screen down, according to Matthews’ equations.

'People might think it's just their bad luck when a fumbled phone lands screen-down and smashes,’ Matthews

'In fact, physics is to blame, making screen-down landings more likely.

'People who are naturally clumsy and often fumble their phones are clearly particularly at risk.'

Matthews was funded by Motorola in his research - as the phone giant has developed a handset, the ‘Moto X Force’, which is described as the ‘first shatterproof smartphone’.