This man's story is the reason why you should always double check your Amazon order

Amazon can be a tricky business (Picture: REX Features)
Amazon can be a tricky business (Picture: REX Features)

The internet is a strange old place. For the most part, it’s a hotbed of cat videos and dopey dogs doing adorable things for us to collective fawn over.

But then there’s internet shopping. A great idea in theory, no doubt, but the reality is a bit more precarious.

We’re often faced with ordering things that don’t work, or, in the case of one Amazon user, don’t quite look as expected.

Reddit user CeWallace9 found that out the hard way when he purchased a scratching post for his cat – but when it arrived it wasn’t quite what he had in mind.

Far from being a product that would definitely put him in his cat’s good books, it turned out to be tiny.

Awkward! (Picture: Reddit/CeThomas9)
Awkward! (Picture: Reddit/CeWallace9)

Here’s a picture of his cat next to the item for some perspective. It’s really quite something, right?

He posted it on Reddit, and revealed that despite the minuscule size, the item had set him back £20 dollars.

But it turns out that he’s entirely to blame, and admitted that he had missed two pretty crucial words in the item’s description – ‘Doll’s house’. Oh.

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Looking at the bright side, one user wrote: ‘At least the return shipping on that will be pretty cheap…’

That, and it’s given us a pretty good laugh.