This Town praised by viewers as being better than Peaky Blinders

The BBC shows are both created by Steven Knight

This Town,07-04-2024,3,Bardon Quinn (BEN ROSE);Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN),Banijay Rights/Kudos,Robert Viglasky
Ben Rose and Levi Brown in This Town, BBC's new drama that has been delighting viewers. (BBC)

This Town viewers have been completely enthralled by the BBC drama, with some comparing it to creator Steven Knight's iconic series Peaky Blinders, and one even suggesting it's better than it.

Set in 1980s Birmingham, the series examines the way in which music can serve as a way to escape ones circumstances as a group of teens try to make a name for themselves in the industry against the backdrop of violent uprisings in the region. The show's third episode premiered on Sunday night, which saw Dante (Levi Brown) and Bardon (Ben Rose) facing off against different adversaries as tensions rise in Birmingham and beyond.

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Viewers were still enthralled by the series, with some calling out the shows merits against Knight's other iconic series Peaky Blinders, with Brown even receiving favourable comparisons to Cillian Murphy. Some of them took to social media to share their thoughts.

This Town,07-04-2024,3,Dante Williams (LEVI BROWN),Banijay Rights/Kudos,Robert Viglasky
This Town follows a group of teens who use music as a way to escape their circumstances. (BBC)

One person said of episode 3 on social media platform X: "Loved it – Dante aka Levi Brown – brilliant – they were all brilliant – and clever ending . please let there be another series - knocked Peaky Blinders into a cocked hat! #thistown"

While another fan remarked on Brown's acting skills as they wrote: "The writing's brilliant, the acting's brilliant, the music's brilliant. #ThisTown @BBCOne is a must watch. And @Levi_jbrown's Dante might just be the next Thomas Shelby. What's not to love".

Continuing the comparisons to Murphy's gangster, albeit for a different character, one person wrote: "All I need is something stronger than Jesus" was one of the many memorable lines in part 3 of #ThisTown. The cinematography (everything) is glorious. I'm sure Coventarians will visit their cathedral more often now. P.S. Robbie Carmen may be the reincarnation of Tommy Shelby."

The series has received generally favourable reviews by fans, who have described the show as must watch television. "One person wrote: "#ThisTown is a must-see series - heartbreaking acting, brilliant soundtrack, and underrated cinematography. The colour palettes, the wide-angle shots… love it."

Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders S6. (BBC)
Fans of the show compared the series to Steven Knight's other hit programme Peaky Blinders (pictured), with one even saying it was better than the crime drama. (BBC)

Another wrote: "#thistown exceptionally good series. Best thing on tv for a good while", with one person also writing: "#ThisTown is really very good." Similarly, another viewer said of the show: "Well #ThisTown was absolute class."

While one viewer urged others to watch the programme as they shared: "Loving #ThisTown - the music, acting, script & filming, absolutely brilliant. Catch it if you can."

This Town continues on Sunday, 14 April at 9pm on BBC One, and it is available to watch in full on BBC iPlayer.

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