Designer Goes Viral Thanks To Incredible Dress Decorated With Prawn Crackers


This dress is actually crackers.

A clothes designer has become an internet sensation after creating inventive copies of the outfits worn by the stars – the latest made from PRAWN CRACKERS.

Sine Benjaphorn, 28, was reminded of the salty snack when she saw Thai actress Chompoo Araya’s pink gown at the Cannes film festival.

So, the model and clothes shop owner bought dozens of bags of prawn crackers and sewed them to a dress to make a replica outfit.

And the result is quite incredible.

She posted a picture of the hilarious design on her Facebook page and it went viral with more than 3,000 likes in under 24 hours.

Sine, from Ratchaburi, Thailand, said: “I’m shocked. I never thought this many people would share my photo. And I’m on every news channel.

"When I saw Chompoo’s dress, I immediately thought of my mum’s crackers. My mum has a street food stall selling snacks like this and it reminded me of them."


Sine regularly posts funny pictures of her mimicking famous stars’ outfits.

Sine’s other takes on famous outfits include Katy Perry’s outfit in the Roar video, Chloe Moretz’ casual look a few months ago and Claire Danes’ sparkly dress at the Met Gala.

Sine said she loves dressing up and modelling her copies of the celebrities.

She added: "It’s fun for me. I’m never going to be a Hollywood celebrity so the nearest thing I can do is imitate them.

"Thankfully people find the pictures quite funny. I’m glad I’m making people smile.”

Chompoo Araya, 33, is a British-Thai actress known for her roles in Saranae Siblor And Crazy Crying Lady.

Her real name is Araya Alberta Hargate, but she is known as Chompoo because of her ambassadorship with L'Oreal Paris.

(Credit: CEN)