Thousands sign petition to ban worryingly thin vlogger Eugenia Cooney from YouTube

Thousands of people have signed a petition to ban vlogger Eugenia Cooney from YouTube as they are concerned that she is battling anorexia.

The worryingly thin internet star frequently posts photos and videos of herself in clothing that shows off her small frame and protruding ribs, and now some are concerned that she may be negatively influencing her followers.

A statement on the petition’s page, which has over 15,000 signatures, reads: “Eugenia Cooney has a serious medical condition and needs to seek help.

“She has been influencing her viewers by her serious underweight condition.

“She has not been getting better since the day she started YouTube , she’s getting more and more sick each day and it’s honestly like she does this bodily harm to herself and shows young girls that it’s ‘okay’ to be suffering from a medical condition such as Anorexia.

“She may not be intentionally influencing her viewers, but showing more than 50% of her body in her videos and pictures is not helping girls with Anorexia or any eating disorder. [SIC]”

One person who signed claimed that Eugenia influenced her 12-year-old cousin to starve herself, commenting: “My little cousin lost 17lb because she wanted to look like Eugenia. She is now receiving care, she is only 12 years old.”

Eugenia has hit back at critics, insisting that she is not a bad influence.

The 22 year old said in a recent video: “Some people are saying I’m like a bad influence on girls. I just want you guys to know like I have seriously never tried to be a bad influence on YouTube or to influence anyone badly. I would never want to do that.

“I have never told anyone to try to lose weight or to try to change the way they look or to look like me.”

Eugenia has not publicly responded to concern that she is anorexic.

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